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Welcome to the IEEE Young Professionals Events Funding Portal!

Here you can learn more about the event funding opportunities available for you, and how you can submit an application. To make your event even more exciting, Young Professionals Affinity Groups can now order our promotional event kit here.

Want to attract more attendees to your event? Consider creating a meetup on the new IEEE Mobile App, and invite your friends, colleagues, and other IEEE members nearby.

Please make sure you read all the instructions provided on this page in order to ensure a successful funding application!

Types of funding available for Young Professionals this year:

  • STEP: the Student Transition and Elevation Partnership (STEP) is going strong, with Young Professionals Affinity Groups organizing STEP events all over the world! This program was specifically designed to bring together students and Young Professionals, aiming to introduce members who will soon graduate to what Young Professionals do, and how they can get involved in their local Affinity Group. STEP events have to be organized by IEEE Young Professional Affinity Groups in collaboration with one or more local Student Branches, and events can take any form you like, from lectures to interactive workshops, or networking sessions. In order to boost your event’s popularity, think in terms of what can help soon-to-graduate students transition more easily to a professional career. The maximum funding available is $500 per Young Professionals Affinity Group per year. STEP Funding has been closed for 2018.

  • Meet-up Program: meet-ups are organized by Young Professionals to engage members and volunteers living in the same geographical location (typically within the same Section) or from the same technical area. The main focus is providing networking opportunities, where members can expand their personal and professional networks, but meet-ups can also take the form of short technical talks as well (or, even better, why not organize a short tech presentation followed by a networking session?). Meet-ups shall take place in conjunction with conferences or technical congress, where you can reach out to a larger number of members, and help local Young Professionals connect with conference attendees. For a better idea regarding past meet-ups, check our Facebook page, where there are several photo albums from such events held in 2017. You can get up to $1,500 funding per meet-up event. 

  • Seed Funding: aiming to enable Young Professionals Affinity Groups to organize an event or implement a new program that has a significant impact or provides a real benefit to Young Professionals in their Section. The events or programs can be either technical or non-technical in nature, and can take any form, i.e. technology bootcamps. With seed funding anything goes, but do keep in mind that collaboration or partnership with other IEEE organizational units, Industry or Academia is highly encouraged, and the event/program should address specific needs of local IEEE members. Available funding is limited at $750 per event per Young Professionals Affinity Group.

Funding request and approval procedure:

Young Professionals Affinity Groups, Regional Young Professionals Coordinators, Technical Societies Young Professionals Representatives, and Section Representatives can all submit a funding request, unless otherwise stated in the funding program description.

  1. One representative of the IEEE unit organizing the event submits a funding request at least 4 weeks before the event is scheduled to take place. Please make sure you submit all necessary materials!
  2. Once submitted, the application is reviewed by the MGA Young Professionals, and a decision is reached regarding whether it is approved or declined. You will be notified via email on what the final decision is and what the next steps are.
  3. If the application is approved, the organizers must use IEEE Young Professionals banner at the event, which may include logos of our sponsors.
  4. Should your funding be approved, you will have to submit follow-up documents after the event takes place (see details below under After the event section). Once we receive your documents, IEEE staff will transfer the funds to your Section or Region, who will then forward it to you.
  5. Please be aware that funding is issued ONLY after the event takes place and the required follow-up materials are received! Exceptions are made only in special circumstances.

Online submission procedure:
  1. Sign in using the fields provided on this page. If this is your first time applying for Young Professionals funding, you will need to create a new account. This account is different from your regular IEEE credentials as well as from other FluidReview accounts you might have. Simply follow the registration instructions, and you will set up your account in no time!

  2. Once you sign in, you will be redirected to a page where you can view all your existing funding request (if you don’t have any yet, the list will be empty). 

  3. To start a new funding request, click on the “Create New Submission” button. Make sure you enter a descriptive title, and then hit “Get Started”.

  4. In order to fill in the funding request form, click “Complete funding request form”. You will have to complete a few different fields related to the event you are hosting, details of the organizers etc. Make sure the information you enter is as accurate as possible! It is crucial in determining whether or not you will receive the funding.

  5. Once you have entered all the necessary information, click “Save and Exit”. Be aware that clicking this button only saves the information you have entered in this form, it DOES NOT submit your funding application! Proceed to step 6 to submit your application.

  6. Once you return to the main page, the “Submit Event Info” button should have been activated. Click it in order to submit your funding request. Congratulations! You are now done and your funding request has been sent to the MGA Young Professionals Team, who will contact you within 5-10 working days to inform you about the final decision and further instructions.

After the event:
If your event funding has been approved, you will need to log in again on the funding portal, in order to submit the necessary follow-up documents. These include:
  • Detailed report of the event (Microsoft Word or PDF format). Make sure you mention the number of IEEE attendees. You will need to include their name and membership number in the attendance report described below.
  • Attendance report (Microsoft Excel format)
    • For a STEP event: a minimum of 10 Student or Graduate Student Members should attend your STEP event. Enter their names and IEEE membership number in the attendance report and mark them clearly.
    • For Signature Events and meet-ups, please set up an Excel sheet, where all attendees can sign up when they come to the event. They should include their full name and their IEEE membership number (provided they are IEEE members - generally at these type of events not every attendee is an IEEE member).
  • Photos or videos from the event (must be uploaded in zip format)
  • Final budget summary. Please include both tentative budget and actual spendings.
  • Copies of all advertisement materials used (flyers, posters, email invitations etc.)
  • Responses to the survey for your event. A unique customized link to the survey will be sent in the funding approval email and a flyer will be sent to you 7 days befor your event. The responses will be sent automatically to you by during next 2 weeks after the event date.

Once all the required follow-up materials are submitted, you will be contacted by IEEE Staff to confirm the money transfer. Due to workload and time constraints, it may take up to 20 working days for your materials to be reviewed and the transfer to take place.

Important notes: 
  • Please note that none of the IEEE Young Professionals funding opportunities are meant to cover travel costs! All travel costs associated with any event should be covered either by your own unit, your Section, Society, or Region.
  • Due to current workload, IEEE staff issue funding only twice per month.

  • Funding request submitted less than 4 weeks prior to the event will not be reviewed, and funding will not be granted under any circumstance!

  • An Affinity Group can receive each type of funding only once per year! This means that you can receive money for only one STEP event per year, only one meet-up event per year, and only one seed fund project per year. Regarding Signature Events, each Region is entitled to a maximum of $2,000 per year, but this funding can be divided between several Signature Events within the specific year.


Do you have any comments, feedback, questions or ideas regarding the Young Professionals Funding Portal? We would be extremely happy to hear from you, email us at